Who Uses the 6-10 Connector?

Where is it actually the fastest route to get places?

We looked at three locations: Providence Place Mall, T.F. Green Airport, and McCoy Stadium, and used Google Maps to find the places where you’d take the 6-10 Connector to get there fastest, versus where you’d take 95 or some other route.

Here’s what we found: it’s basically only Johnston, Scituate, Foster, and Glocester that benefit from having a highway in the 6-10 Corridor, and even then it’s just northbound (the Mall and McCoy). Heading southbound, even from those rural towns off Route 6 it’s faster to take 295 South.

There are also some neighborhoods close to the 6-10 Connector where it’s fastest to hop on the highway to get places. But those places in Providence and Cranston suffer health problems, noise pollution, lower property values, and bad traffic from people driving through their neighborhoods.

All told, having the 6-10 Connector as a highway only benefits about 14% of Rhode Islanders. Is that worth spending $400 million on, when instead the state could invest in more bridges elsewhere in the state?

Let’s Fix the 6-10 instead of rebuilding it as it is.

Map and spatial analysis by Alex Krogh-Grabbe of the Rhode Island Bicycle Coalition