Rebuild the 6-10 Corridor in a way that benefits all of Rhode Island.
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Rhode Island's economy is heating up. We're getting nationwide renown as an eclectic & artistic tourist destination. And now we have the opportunity to show the world that we've shed the shady ways of our past — by building a replacement to the crumbling 6-10 Connector that is innovative and shows we're ready for the 21st Century.

All over the world, people are realizing that highways don't belong in cities. They're unthinkably expensive (just look at Boston's Big Dig), they don't actually solve traffic problems, and they make the neighborhoods they go through poor and sick. We can do better.

We want to do better in Rhode Island's capital city. We want to invest in the sort of places that make Rhode Island great rather than throwing money away on designs from the 1980s. We want to create the trendiest address in the state, rather than perpetuate the cycle of poverty in historically disadvantaged neighborhoods.

  • Fiscal Responsibility

    Rebuilding a highway in the 6-10 corridor with many large highway ramps will cost at least $400 million, much more than a locally-connected parkway. A parkway will cost taxpayers much less, making resources available for other projects throughout the state. Further, the ongoing maintenance costs of a wider, traditional highway-style option with flyovers will burden our children with billions of dollars of maintenance and replacement costs. A parkway will also unlock dozens of taxable acres for development, improving the region's fiscal health.

  • Better Traffic

    Highways actually create traffic jams, both on the highway and in nearby places like Olneyville Square. When you look at all the ways to get where you’re going through Providence, there are usually many routes that are only a few minutes different. Building a parkway in the 6-10 corridor will disperse traffic through those other routes, reducing back-ups.

  • Social justice

    Connecting the neighborhoods around the 6-10 corridor to each other will have huge economic, public health, and quality of life benefits to people living close to the corridor.

  • Environment

    The City's parkway vision encourages more sustainable transportation choices: connecting bike paths, enhancing ​pedestrian pathways, and making transit connections easier. Traditional highways are disastrous for the environment.

Our coalition

Groups of many geographical and issue focuses support building something better in the 6-10 Corridor
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West Broadway Neighborhood Association

We represent citizens who directly abut the 6-10 Connector. Our goal is to give the people who live and work in our neighborhood “a seat at the planning table” because it directly impacts our community, and our citizens are anxious to be heard.
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RI Bicycle Coalition

Highways encourage longer trips, which are less likely to be by bike. We want to see the 6-10 Connector rebuilt as a multimodal place where everyone feels comfortable to bike, from Dean Street to Olneyville.
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Providence Preservation Society

Providence has a rich architectural history. Some of our most endangered properties are near the 6-10 Connector. Rebuilding it as a vibrant place helps us protect these important pieces of our history.
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Grow Smart RI

We believe that a cost-effective and neighborhood focused approach to rebuilding the 6/10 corridor can create economic opportunity and improved quality of life for many Rhode Islanders.
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CNU New England

New Urbanism suggests the importance of vibrant urban places. Rebuilding the 6-10 Connector as a highway misses an excellent opportunity to make our urban core a place that Rhode Islanders everywhere are proud of.
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The Armory Revival Company

We have a passion for creating distinctive places to live & work and care deeply about revitalizing Providence’s West Side. Reimagining the 6-10 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to further transform Providence into one of America’s great cities.
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East Coast Greenway Alliance

The 6-10 Connector is a critical connection for the 2900-mile Greenway. The outcome of the reimagining should allow comfortable walking & biking between the Washington Secondary Trail and downtown Providence.
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Sierra Club

Walking, biking, and transit must be considered in every transportation project. Multimodal communities provide health, safety, and quality of life benefits. We seek to ensure RI’s streets are designed for all road users.
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Cornish Associates

The State should take advantage of this opportunity to rebuild the 6-10 corridor in a way that re-knits the urban fabric of our neighborhoods, frees up wasted land area for new development, and sends a message that RI is smart and forward thinking.
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The Nature Conservancy

A more sustainable future means redesigning our urban infrastructure to create healthier and more resilient neighborhoods. The 6-10 rebuild is a unique opportunity to provide economic, environmental, and social benefits for Rhode Island.
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Transport Providence

Transport Providence has advocated for a 6-10 Boulevard for longer than anyone else. The concrete embarrassment of the current highway separates neighborhoods and reduces urban mobility options.
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Groundwork Providence

We create economic opportunity for RI’s urban residents, and at the same time physically improve our shared urban environment, especially in economically-distressed areas. This project relates to all of those priorities.
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Clean Water Action

Part of Clean Water Action’s national mission is to solve community and environmental problems. Through this coalition, we can further this mission by helping to advocate for a modern, placed-based vision of the 6-10 Corridor.
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Bike Newport

Our mission is to encourage bicycling in Newport. In order to invest in sustainable transportation in our community, the state must spend infrastructure dollars efficiently elsewhere, including the 6-10 Connector.
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DownCity Design

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All Saints’ Memorial Church

As an anchor on the West Side, we understand the rupture a highway can cause to a community: 95 severed the West Side from downtown. The 6-10 rebuild is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes and from other cities.
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Childhood Lead Action Project

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Our community bike shop is located in Olneyville Square, in the shadow of the 6-10 Connector. Reimagining the area to maximize multimodal connectivity will bring more people to our shop and benefit our neighborhood.
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American Institute of Architects – Rhode Island

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K9 To 5 Dog Center

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With the 6-10 Connector we have an opportunity to generate economic benefits to the state. Transportation investment isn’t just about moving cars & trucks quickly, but also about connecting bicycle & pedestrian routes.
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Friends of India Point Park

We oppose the overbuilding of our public spaces. Unencumbered public access is important to us, and the 6-10 Connector project has high stakes in these areas, as did the 195 Relocation project near our park.
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Your organization

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Around the world, urban highways are being replaced with economically vibrant places.

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